Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level

A Two-Part Approach to A Level Examinations

Both O and A Level programmes at KIMS take two years for completion. There are two ways of completing A Level. One option is to appear for the complete A Level exam after a study period of two years. Alternatively, students can take the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level examination after one year and the remaining A2 papers in the second year. This two-part approach to A Level has been tested and confirmed to be highly beneficial for candidates for the following reasons:

  • Splitting the course that would otherwise be covered in two years, AS Level clearly lessens the burden of studies and provides candidates a great possibility of performing better.
  • With the AS examination result in their hands, students and teachers are better able to plan for the second year.
  • Candidates can choose to improve their grades secured in first year by retaking the AS examination along with their A2 exams next year. Since CI considers the better of the two attempts, the chances of overall result improvement are higher.
  • Students taking AS examinations are issued a certificate by Cambridge stating their results. These students are at a clear advantage compared to those performing well only in their school promotion examinations when applying for higher education in the 2nd year of A Level. The final certificate i.e. the certificate issued after the completion of A Level exhibits complete A Level results. It must be noted that exactly the same certificate is issued to students completing A Level in two parts (AS and A2) and students taking complete A Level examinations at the end of two years. This point is especially important to address a misperception that universities prefer students who take the complete A Level examination at the end of two years over students taking the AS route.
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