O level Subject Selection

Subject Selection

O Level students are required to study 8 subjects, of which English Language, Islamiyat, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies and Urdu are compulsory for all groups including students of Humanities. In order to choose the other three subjects, students may select one of the following combinations:


Combination 1:

1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology OR Computer Science


Combination 2:

1. Accounting
2. Economics
3. Business Studies OR Computer Science


Combination 1 is the most preferred as it allows all options for higher studies to remain open. Students prepared in O Level Sciences can easily study Economics, Accounting and Business at A Level provided they are good at Mathematics and English. Also, A Level Economics, Accounting and Business courses cover the respective O Level syllabus, so studying them at O Level barely contributes to students' knowledge. A student who studies Economics for five years (three years at O Level and two years at A Level) knows nothing extra about Economics than the student who studies Economics only at A Level. Thus, we strongly recommend that students study Physics, Chemistry and Biology at O Level irrespective of their future study plans.

Please also note the following:

  • All 11 subjects (8 at O Level and 3 at A Level) have the same weighting as regards the calculation of IBCC. Thus, subjects such as Islamiyat at O Level are just as important as Physics at A Level.
  • For most British universities, it is mandatory that students score at least a C grade in O Level Mathematics and English. Thus, students are advised to retake O Level Mathematics and/or English if they fail to meet the minimum passing requirement in their first attempt.
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