A Level at KIMS

  • The A Level programme is the specialty of KIMS. Established in 1993, KIMS is one of the oldest institutions offering A Level education in Pakistan.
  • We have senior A Level teachers for all sections of a subject. Our faculty's experience, commitment and devotion play a vital role in the academic excellence of our students.
  • Having some full time teaching faculty members allows us to have an extremely convenient time table for students, giving them ample time for self-study and leisure.
  • The owners of the school are teachers as well, their personal involvement in teaching at KIMS being a boost to students and fellow teachers alike.
  • The teachers of KIMS have authored several books for A Level on the subjects of Accounting, Business, Economics and Mathematics, which are very popular among students and teachers all over Pakistan.
  • KIMS successfully introduced Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level in 2005 and has been producing outstanding AS results ever since. Saira Hussain of KIMS topped in Lahore in the AS examination of 2007 while Atif Maqsood secured the best 3 As across the city in 2008.
  • Generous scholarships are offered to students with 7 or more As at O Level by almost every school. However, besides extremely generous scholarships to such outstanding students , KIMS also grants scholarships to students with 3, 4, 5 or 6 A grades at O Level, which are significantly higher than any other school.
  • There is a strong emphasis on extracurricular and sports activities, for which, grounds are frequently booked.
  • Other facilities include a gym, a recreation room, a Students' Lounge and a well-furnished girls' common room.
  • Arrangements are made for efficient, professional and proper student counselling to help students with admissions in foreign universities. 


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